Monday, January 3, 2011

Gilmore girls

In a similar story....

I am trying something called dymaxian sleep. It's amazing.

So great.

James, it was not immature to try and punch everyone who left the basement. Plus, it's not even true. I didn't try to punch everyone who left the basement. Just the males. and I succeeded in punching all the males who tried to leave the basement. For the record.

This one time I was calling out for help, screaming in pain. Good times.

I don't have anything useful to say. This feels like everything else I write as of recently.

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subject: post

I endeavor to post here more often just to piss off our site's worthy Administrator, a man with split personalities and testes.

Today I went to Jimmy's house. I only left my house because Megan (my brother's girlfriend (?)) came over and occupied my usual spot of laziness and debauchery - that is to say, the couch. And she only did that because her sister's boyfriend (???) came over to HER house, making HER want to leave. And, as I understand, Bloomster effectively forced Jimmy's sister to go to their neighbor's house for the night because he and the 16-year-old are not to be trusted together (technically, statch, but whatever).

What I'm trying to say is, I was simply a cog in a much larger machine of interpersonal relationships. Ah, humor. I explained the unfunny joke, and now, you, the reader, are saying "But I understood the premise. It wasn't even a funny premise. I don't understand why James keeps posting on this blog. He's not even funny - in fact, it kind of annoys me when he talks, now, actually." For you, dear reader, I only have this t PENIS. PENIS PENIS PENIS. Are you laughing yet? Oh, it's hopeless.

Also, something about that house makes everyone inside it act like a four-year-old. For example, Matt tried to punch anyone who left the basement. Any harder, and he might have dislocated my nerdy, fragile shoulder. And New Super Mario Bros. - oh, the agony. Jimmy is a douche - we'll leave it at that. No we won't. What kind of bitch leaves three people in bubbles while he dashes along at the front of the screen, only to be killed by a koopa or piranha plant or goomba? Jimmy fucking Hall, that's what kind of bitch would do that kind of thing. I mean, we're all guilty of the sin, but we don't do it repeatedly after being told to stop.

Man, the way I phrased that is bad. "Officer, I told him not to..."

Anyways, that was my day. Minus going on a pizza adventure (not as delicious as it sounds) and putting drywall up as a ceiling (dryceiling?) in a basement (dryfloor?). How exciting! Look forward to further posts with the same comedic timing and intellectual rigor.

That is to say, more rambling, two-in-the-morning, James you're not funny and stop trying posts.
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